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Matcha Hiroha 

30g  400yen

It is a delicious blend of 1st and 2nd flush tea leaves.

Sencha Chidori

100g   300yen

A blend of 1st and 2nd flush tea leaves, it is well appreciated by our customers.

Aki Genmaicha

100g   100yen

It is a blend of 2nd flush leaves and roasted glutinous rice, which adds a particular flavor to the product.


Hojicha Meiko

100g   200yen

This is a blend of 2nd flush leaves, which have been roasted to generate a remarkable fragrance.

Green Tea Sticks

12g x 6 sticks 300yen

This New packaging of 12g sticks for single uses is aimed at facilitating the serving. 

Besides the easy serving, this tea is
versatile: You may take it hot in winter and icy in summer.

Having the matcha taste, while being a soft drink, it is much popular with both domestic and international customers. 

Do try it this summer !


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Sencha 100g

350 yen
Genmaicha 100g  100 yen
Hojicha 100g  200 yen
Matcha (Hiroha) 30g  400 yen
Green Tea Sticks 12g x 6 sticks  300 yen


1. You may also order directly by e-mail: aml@pop21.odn.ne.jp, telephone, or fax.
2. The prices (all indicated in yen) do not include tax and delivery charges. The bill will therefore be increased by 5% for the consumption tax (for domestic customers only) and the actual delivery costs.
3. We offer free delivery services for orders above 5,000 yen in Japan.
4. Our international customers receive a special offer: If you wish to try a tea, a coffee or a soba, we will enclose a free sample in your order.


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