Special Teas    
  Special Teas
    These are the teas we make in our own, special way.
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Gyokuro has a deep and strong taste. It is the
best among the delightful teas having the great "oika"
taste. For the best tasting Gyokuro tea, please use boiled water and cooled at around 50 degrees.
Ama no Tsuyu Ama no Tsuyu

100g 2,500 yen 

This is the most popular of our company's Gyokuro teas.
Please enjoy this first-class tea,
product of our own research.

The people of the Sanin Region usually drink matcha as they would ordinary tea. In Matsue particularly, the great tea master Matsudaira Fumai made matcha even more popular, while establishing his tea ceremony style in the middle of the Edo era. In this perpetuated matcha drinking mood, we recently invested in a new factory, which enables us to offer our customers fresh matcha.

Ichi no Shiro Aoi-jirushi Ichi no Shiro

30g 1,500 yen
This matcha was named by the first
Matsue daimyo Matsudaira Fumaiko.
This tea became the origin of the name "Nakano Shiro" given to its sister product.
Naka no Shiro Aoi-jirushi Naka no Shiro

30g 1,200 yen

This tea was the favorite tea of Matsudaira Fumai, Matsue's seventh Matsudaira daimyo, the famous tea master of the Edo era. He gave it this name.
Nakamura Chaho has the hanging scroll in which Fumaiko named this tea "Naka no Shiro."

We prepare our sencha by making an original blend of well-selected leaves from the many green tea materials. The best way to enjoy delicious sencha is to use water boiled and cooled at around 80 degrees.
Our company is confident in making delightful sencha with a well-balanced taste.

Komakage Komakage
(T-18) 100g 2,000 yen

This blend is much popular among the Nakamura Chaho sencha products.

Please do try this Izumo-style tea. You will like it for sure.
Sencha Raiden Mukashi Sencha Raiden
(T-22) 100g 1,000 yen

This tea is a reproduction of an ancient product in its taste, fragrance, and form.
In the middle of the Meiji era, the Izumo people used a special bamboo basket in making this tea. As a result, the leaves of the tea were curved.
The Izumo people do love this Raiden for its strong taste, its high fragrance, and above all, for its shape.
For your relaxation, enjoy the ancient taste and fragrance of good tea in this new product.
  This tea is named after the famous sumo fighter Raiden. 

Using our own technology, we blend the Izumo Shiraore by adding fresh matcha to well-selected "kukicha" (tea stalk). This matcha-iri tea, or matcha-included tea, is a "strong" drink that originated in the Izumo Area.

ake-Jirushi Aji Ichiban Take-Jirushi Aji Ichiban

1501,200 yen

It is a pride for our company. We made it by blending the tea stems and buds.
It diffuses easily in hot water.
Enjoy this Izumo-styled matcha with its fragrant and sweet stems.

Made by roasting the tea leaves, Hojicha is also quite  fragrant. For its light taste--like genmaicha-- hojicha is a befitting "after meal drink."

Fumaibo Fumaibo

100g 500 yen 

Fumaibo is a new product we developed from our own research. Different from the conventional brown teas, the buds and leaves of Fumaibo are kept green. However, at the time it comes out of the teapot, Fumaibo too is slightly brown.
At that time, a nice fragrance permeates the entire room. Once inside the mouth also, the delicious taste spreads in a particular way.
Enjoy this fragrant and delicious Hojicha, result of our own technology.

The recipe of this tea also originated in the Izumo area. It is a large-patterned tea, roasted in strong fire. Its particularity is its strong fragrance and pleasant aftertaste. To get the most of the characteristic fragrance of bancha we use charcoal fire in our factory. This tea, containing no caffeine, is an excellent drink for children.

Sumibi-Iri Hoji Bancha Sumibi-Iri Hoji Bancha

150g 330 yen

This is a particular item among the special teas of our company, in its more than 110-year tradition. We roast it with charcoal, a rare specialty of these times.

Green Tea 
In making this tea, we add some sugar to the powdered matcha. This makes it versatile. You may take it hot in winter and icy in summer.

Home Green Tea

300g 500 yen

It is much popular with our customers. It has the matcha taste, while being a soft drink. Moreover, this tea may be used to color cakes, ice, etc. Do try the device and see for yourself. You will certainly like it.


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