Raiden was a legendary sumo fighter of the Edo era. With his 197 cm height and 169 kg weight, he was a giant by the standards of his time. He started sumo in the year 1748 at the age of 17. 

After four years, Matsudaira Fumai, Mastue's seventh Daimyo and famous tea master, took him in his exclusive sponsorship. The man with an invincible strength retired at the age of 44, after a remarkable performance. He won the sumo championship 25 times, including 7 consecutively. 

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During his entire career he won 254 fights and lost only 10, hence the rare score of 96.2 percent. This won him the highest sumo title of his time: Ozeki--The Yokozuna rank, highest nowadays, was instituted later on.

Raiden's handprint is available at the Matsudaira's temple, Gesshoji.

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