Izumo Soba
    I drink tea, look for good tools, eat soba, 
Garden, watch the nature's beauty, and 
Without other desire, laugh loudly.

--Matsudaira Fumai

Warigo SobaThe Japanese soba, a buckwheat noodle, is usually divided into "Shinshu soba," popular in the eastern part of the country and "Izumo soba," popular in the western part.

The characteristics of Izumo soba are first noticeable in its color. Unlike Shinshu soba, made of husked soba nuts, Izumo soba is made of unhusked nuts, which makes it brown. (With a comparable taste, Izumo soba has the merit of incorporating the eventual nutrients included in the husks.)

Another difference resides in the serving style. Izumo soba is served in stacked bowls called warigo. Condiments like sliced onion are first put directly on the soba in the bowls and the soba soup, tsuyu, is then poured over it. Usually a person is served three bowls.

The Izumo people have a culture of combining soba and tea. For instance, Matsudaira Fumai, the famous tea master, was also a great soba lover (as can be seen from the lines above). 

In making our tea-soba, we therefore aim to put this combined tradition into reality; and we endeavor to do it in the best possible way.

Cha Soba
This product is made from Izumo soba to which we add enough of the matcha (powdered green tea) we produce in our factory.

Cha Soba Cha Soba

130g 200 yen 

This is a result of special investigations we made so that the matcha does not loose its aroma during the production process.

Sencha Soba 
In making Sencha Soba, we select well-prepared soba flour to which we add sencha blended in our factory.

Sencha Soba Sencha Soba

130g 220 yen

Sencha soba has a taste slightly different from Cha Soba. Do try it, you will love it.

Cha Somen Like Cha-Soba, our Cha Somen (thin noodles) is made by combining powdered tea and soba flour. 

Cha Somen Cha Somen 

225g 450 yen 

This green somen is made with dexterity so as to slide  gently down the throat, refreshing during the hot summer days. 

    Besides the above samples,
we have prepared  Gift Sets.
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Most of the sets are assorted with 
pure teas in the same package.  

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