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@ How to Preserve Tea
Preserved in poor conditions, tea easily absorbs moisture, odors, and the like. Light and heat also influence the quality of the product. Preserve your tea according to the following guidelines.

1. Put the tea in an hermetic package and keep it in a cool place (away from fire and heat).

2. For a long time preservation, put your tea into the refrigerator, in such a way that the odor of other items cannot infiltrate in it. Do not put it a freezer.

3. Take the tea out of the refrigerator a day before using it. Put it in an open place so that it gets the surrounding temperature. Using it directly from the refrigerator rapidly decreases its quality. Thus tea for daily use should not be put in the refrigerator.

(The above was adapted from "The Merits of Green Tea" by the Japan Tea Industry Association.)

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